Is this course for me?

sarah lavers my financial voice friendly sitting at kitchen table

Do you feel the world of finance is a closed door and yet you want to invest in your financial future?

  • Would you like the ability to interact with the world of finance?  
  • Are you looking to understand the building blocks of investing and do you know what the different investable asset classes are?
  • Would you like to know what questions to ask a financial advisor and what to look out for?
  • Would you like to be able to read financial reports with ease and understand financial metrics? 

This course answers all these questions and more.

Common financial myths

Myth 1:

You have to be numerate.  No you absolutely do not need to be numerate.  I was not numerate when I started in finance, but it was no impediment to a successful career in finance.  All you need is to understand some of the key principles that underpin how money flows.     

Myth 2:

Investing is very high risk.  It is normal to fear losing money but avoiding investing altogether means inflation could erode the value of your cash.  There are a few rules of engagement and once they become clear, investing can help you attain a more financially secure long term future.  

Myth 3:

You need to be an expert.  No one has a crystal ball but the key to making money work for you is to be able to ask the right questions engage with the world of finance. 

Myth 4:

Your individual financial impact is limited.  Most of us have a financial voice as consumers but we also have a financial voice if we have savings; be it an ISA, a pension or we are in the workforce via the mandatory pension auto enrolment scheme- find and express your financial voice.


By the end of the course you will have mastered the essential skills to breakdown common financial myths.