Welcome to My Financial Voice

Sarah Lavers is the founder of My Financial Voice offering short financial education courses designed to help women understand the building blocks of finance and engage with their savings.

In the UK the gender pay gap between men and women stands at 8% when comparing all full time workers and stands at 15.5% including part time workers. A less well known fact is that there is also a 40% savings gap. This will not be solved overnight but understanding how to engage with savings as a student, when entering the workforce or taking career breaks, will enable every girl and woman to create a more sustainable future for themselves and their family.  

Understand how the world of money works, engage with your finances and be confident in your decisions: book Sarah to give a MVF Talk, sign up for a short 2 hour MFV course with friends & family or you can commit to a 4 session MVF bespoke course tailored to your requirements.  

Sarah brings 25 years of experience as an institutional investor and combines a strong finance professional background with a Bachelor's Degree in Law from University of Cambridge and CFA certification in ESG investing.

If you missed my talk for the Really Helpful Club on 'Demystifying the World of Money', please do watch a short preview here