Collection: MFV Investing Starter Pack

1.  Why Invest the Basics: Bond & Equity investing risk returns explained     Dates  Wednesday 5th of January 2022 12pm-1pm &18.30pm-19.30pm / Wednesday 2nd February 2022 12pm-1pm & 18.30pm-19.30pm

2. Keeping it simple and low cost: how to Invest in a Managed or Index Fund    Dates  Wednesday 12th January 12pm-1pm and 18.30pm-19.30pm / Wednesday 9th February 2022 12pm-1pm & 18.30pm-19.30pm

3. What Price to Pay: how to value a business in 3 steps    
Dates Wednesday 19th January 12pm-1pm and 18.30pm-19.30pm / Wednesday 16th February 2022 12pm-1pm & 18.30-19.30pm  

4. Pulling it all together: how to create a Diversified Fantasy Portfolio    
Dates Wednesday 26th of January 2022 12pm-1pm & 18.30-19.30pm / Wednesday 23rd of February 2022 12pm -1pm & 18.30pm-19.30pm 
Courses can be booked for £30 each or as a course for the discounted price of £100.
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