Course Breakdown

The World in Numbers - Modules 1-4 - BOOK HERE

There are 4 x weekly two hour Zoom sessions. Each module is broken down into zoom presentation with Sarah including an interactive workshop and a chance too ask questions. Prices are £395 per person for four modules - and a maximum of 5 participants per group. 


the world in numbers module 1     Module 1: “Does it pay to invest”

Looks at whether investing has delivered returns superior to cash over time. Outlines the building blocks of today’s financial world such as GDP, interest rates & inflation and debt.  Just as a picture can be worth a thousand words, numbers tell a story. 


the world in numbers module 2     Module 2: “Risk versus Reward”

Outlines what broad asset classes such as bonds, equities, real estate, gold and commodities can be invested in and how they have performed throughout the ages. Explores Active Fund management versus Passive Index Investing and Robo Platform Investing. What this means in terms of performance, fees and what to ask your financial advisor.


the world in numbers module 3     Module 3: “Tools & Techniques” 

Shows you how to read published financial metrics, financial press and reports. This module also puts into context key financial ratios such as Share Market Capitalisation and Price Earnings Multiple. Looks at behavioural finance and how to avoid common investment mistakes.


the world in numbers module 4     Module 4: “Asset Allocation”

Looks at the different approached well known professional investors have taken to construct well diversified investment portfolios. Explores investment styles managers use such as investing for Growth or Value.


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