Where do you sit on the investment scale?

1. Starting out

The Building Blocks

the world in numbers module 1     Does it pay to invest

Looks at whether investing has delivered returns superior to cash over time. Outlines the building blocks of today’s financial world such as GDP, interest rates & inflation and debt.  Just as a picture can be worth a thousand words, numbers tell a story. 

the world in numbers module 2     Risk versus Reward

Outlines what broad asset classes such as bonds, equities, real estate, gold and commodities can be invested in and how they have performed throughout the ages. Explores Active Fund management versus Passive Index Investing and Robo Platform Investing. What this means in terms of performance, fees and what to ask your financial advisor.

- Are you looking to understand the building blocks of investing?

- What returns can you expect from investing in bonds & stock markets?

- How do you manage risk versus reward and keep your nerve?