My Financial Musings...Women are good investors, so why not take more control of your family’s savings?

The life-changing magic of tidying up” enhances your life and encourages you to discard what no longer brings joy according to Marie Kondo.

Are your finances the same? – Do jumbled up & messy savings leave a nagging sense of guilt and yet end up at the bottom of the “too hard basket”?  

Setting yourself up for financial success is a life skill and one that can be highly rewarding; it can be as simple as planning for the holiday of a lifetime or finding out how to benefit from free government top-ups for certain savings plans & pensions. 

Think about making time available to understand about savings and investment. As with most things, once you understand the basic language, managing your finances is not rocket finance and you do not have to be numerate.  You may choose to invest directly or select a financial advisor but whatever your choice, you will do so from a position of strength and understanding, ultimately benefiting your family’s financial future. 

For the record women are good investors – it’s an empirically supported fact. Although there are fewer female investors, numerous studies suggest they outperform on returns (1); that does not mean they are risk averse but they are more likely to have a well-diversified portfolio and to trade less. 

There are a number of women ready to share with you how to take a new look at how to approach investing;

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