• News and Talks ... Pondero "Gold to Cryptocurrencies"

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    “Joyful MFV morning - Back at Pondero for a Live Talk on "Gold to Cryptocurrencies”  
  • My Financial Musings... Does the Emperor have any clothes on!

    Mia Motley, the Prime Minister of Barbados, gave the speech the world needed at the Opening Ceremony of COP26 asking when will leaders lead. “National solutions cannot solve global problems”
  • My Financial Musings...Harvest Moon

    We have just enjoyed a Harvest Moon at what has traditionally been a time to celebrate nature’s bounty and gratefully prepare for the next sowing season.  


    In practical terms, though food is plentiful there are pricing pressures and fuel too is rising in cost. 
  • My financial Musings...Summer Festivals and our Woodstock moment

    The last few weeks have been a watershed of bad news from harrowing images out of Afghanistan to raging forest fires across the world, a poignant illustration of climate change in action.  Sometimes the temptation is to put our heads under the duvet and scream in frustration and helplessness or just seek a few moments of peace and quiet. 
  • My Financial Musings...“Summer silly season” is upon us and the Minions assemble

    The summer season on Wall street is traditionally when the Minions are in control while their bosses decamp to the Hamptons or Nantucket.   Markets are often more volatile, a euphemism for going up and down.  Sometimes it feels like the gentle swell of the ocean and others more like a big roller - so get ready for some surfing!  
  • My Financial Musings...Women are good investors, so why not take more control of your family’s savings?

    The life-changing magic of tidying up” enhances your life and encourages you to discard what no longer brings joy according to Marie Kondo.

    Are your finances the same? – Do jumbled up & messy savings leave a nagging sense of guilt and yet end up at the bottom of the “too hard basket”?  

  • My Financial Musings...Goldilocks and the inflatable duck

    There is an economic term known as the Goldilocks economy, characterized by steady economic growth and low unemployment; not so hot as to push the economy into inflation nor so cold as to push the economy into a recession.  
    The Duck test is a form of abductive reasoning, making a probable conclusion from what you know from past experience. If it looks like a duck, swims like duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck….. is inflation this duck?
  • My Financial Musings...Einstein, Starbucks and the Magic of compound returns

    Albert Einstein once joked that the most powerful force in the universe is neither mass nor energy. It’s compound interest, which is what happens when you earn a return on your money and on the return that is already earned. Einstein called compound interest the 8th wonder of the World. 
  • My Financial Musings...Where Women, Goldman Sachs graduates and Uber collide?

    Where extreme working conditions meet a call to action.  

    The UK Supreme Court ruled in favour of 35 Uber drivers and now Uber is to reclassify 70,000 drivers as workers.  At the top end of town, 13 Goldman graduates wrote an open letter asking for a reduction in their average 95 hour working week.  Covid lock down, cooking 3 meals a day, housework and home schooling has created a sharp rise in household hours worked with rising discontent.

  • My Financial Musings...The Revival of 100 year loans.

    Wednesday is Budget day and a day when we ponder the financial cost of Covid.  The government unleashed close to £400bn fighting the pandemic and saving lives.  No one disputes this was the correct course of action.  But the question arises - who pays for this? The last financial crisis in 2008 left the tax payer picking up the bill and years of austerity for those least able to afford it.  

    Does the Chancellor have another way? 

  • In the celebrated annual Reith lectures, Mark Carney looks at how by prioritizing financial over human value, we have contributed to the climate crisis, recent credit crisis and today’s pandemic.

    Why have financial values come to be considered more important than human ones? 

    In the celebrated annual Reith lectures (1), Mark Carney looks at how by prioritizing financial over human value, we have contributed to the climate crisis, recent credit crisis and today’s pandemic.